Super recovery (MK677) - 20mg/tab - 50 tab - Euro-Pharmacies

Super recovery (MK677) - 20mg/tab - 50 tab - Euro-Pharmacies


Chemical Name: MK677(Ibutamoren)
Comes In: 20mg/tab - 50 tab
Dosage: 20-40mg/day
Active time: 24 hours
Shipping from Europe


Also known as Ibutamoren, is a synthetic Growth Hormone secretagogue.
In todays generation of athletes, mk-677 has begun to be recognized and utilized as a more affordable option to hgh with just as many benefits but with less side effects
GH is released by the Pituitary Gland.
Which triggers the release of (iGF-1). we all know
As we begin to age, GH begins to decline.
Mk 677 will increase your gh and igf 1 without raising your cortisol or prolactin.
By increasing our GH we can expect
Increase Muscle Growth
Decrease Body Fat
Improve Cognitive Function
Slow down the Aging process
Increase in bone mineral density
Accelerated Healing 
These are a few of the benefits associated with increased GH levels.
MK 677 works by mimicking ghrelin and activating Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptors (GHSR)
Ghrelin works together with a hormone called leptin which helps regulate the amount of food we eat.
Ghrelin stimulates the release of GH.
Since MK 677 mimicks Ghrelin to the point that it binds to the Receptors, it also stimulates the release of gh.
Mk 677 benefits include:
Increase in muscle mass
Increased appetite 
Improved sleep and recovery
Preserve muscle during a caloric restricted environment.
Inhibit fat accumulation
Increase in mineral density and bone density
Improved mood 
Improved endurance
Inhibition of cortisol and prolactin

Half life is about 24hrs 
Suggest dose is 25mg ed once a day for 8-12weeks

Possible side effects
Increased appetite
Increase water retention(same as gh)
If you experience any water retention, it is recommended to drop your dose to to half for a few days and allow time to adjust. Then return to normal dosing.
MK-677 Stacks with this agent are more ideal for lean mass and recomp compared to strictly mass..
Using MK-677 with RAD-140 will yield exceptional results for lean mass, 
but for even better body composition and/or cutting, all the while attempting muscle gains..

Best dosages together are MK-677 25mg per day with RAD-140 20mg per day of RAD 140 for 10-12 weeks.
(It's important to take a break after this cycle)

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