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UGL Oils- and what it all Means ? - Ordawg1

UGL Oils- and what it all Means ? - Ordawg1

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UGL Oils- and what it all Means ?    
by-Ordawg1 -UncleZ General Manger

Many folks ask why compounds come in different colors and not always the same across the board for every UGL. One question that is asked the most, is why tren can sometimes be a lighter clearer color compared to the traditional dark yellow or even orange when it used to be made from fina pellets. Tren ace and tren enth in raw powder form are yellow and fine. When mixed with the appropriate amounts of BA, BB and carrier oil, it doesn't necessarily look dark or have a striking yellowish color to it - it all depends on how hot it is heated and what carrier oil is used. Tren is one of the few compounds that can cook very quickly at low temperatures, so it will get darker if dissolved over high heat.

There is really no need to use high heat or "cook" solutions in this manner - adequate temperatures just to get the solution to dissolve is all that is needed. Cooking solutions does not sterilize them, the filtering process is what sterilizes the entire product. Regardless, you'll have some UGL's who heat their solutions at higher temperatures and therefore have some compounds slightly darker than others. Carrier oils also play a role in the color of some compounds: olive oil gives a slight green tint, cottonseed oil is slightly yellow, peanut oil is darker yellow, grapeseed oil is yellow with olive hue, and sesame oil is also dark yellow and thick. If ethyl oleate is used as a carrier, the compound will usually come out with no color whatsoever.

What does this all mean? You cannot judge a compound or its effectiveness based on the appearance and color. No two UGL's are the same, so you will not encounter two solutions from two different UGL's exactly alike in formula and makeup. The only true way to test a compound and determine authenticity is to send it to a lab. And if you get a vial of very dark orange colored solution being passed off as tren, I'd push it thru a filter before using if I were you - with the availability of raws these days, there's no need to be buying tren made from fina pellets anymore and possibly suffer from unsterilized gear.

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