Run and Gun AAS Cycling – A power approach to success. - OldSchoolLifter

Run and Gun AAS Cycling – A power approach to success. - OldSchoolLifter

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Run and Gun AAS Cycling – A power approach to success.
By OldSchoolLifter

Over the years the use of aas has evolved into a direct science, more is known now of what each compound does compare to when Arnold was practicing. In the day, cycles consisted of very little if any test, high amounts of nandrolone, and low dose dbol for long periods alongside anadrol. NO PCT, now we have evolved and the end result is much bigger bodybuilders.

This has been talked about a few times, but never has someone gone into how they would use this approach to cycling a run and gun method.

The Protocol

Run and Gun means you blast with short esters for no longer than 5-6 weeks, cruise for the same exact time you blasted for, and repeat! This keeps myostatin at a low as well as cortisol, and never gives it a chance to rise, leaving you able to gain quick gains in 5-6 weeks, then hold them while you cruise only to gain more on the next run and gun.

In some recent questions to some of the most seasoned vets I know, I asked each of them the same questions, Keep in mind all have used long cycles with long breaks, and used run and gun type methods. The result was that more users reported more quality gains, less sides, and more manageable and keepable gains while doing short blasts and cruises, compared to long drawn out cycles and recovery times.

Pound for Pound, they gained more with the run and Gun, than with longer cycles, in a standard winter bulk of say 15-20 weeks body builders will gain 15-20lbs or more depending on where they are in their body building careers. But if you break the 20 weeks into 2 Blast cycles followed by a cruise and repeat, gains will never stall like at week 10, and you should gain more weight with the 2 blasts compared to the one long run.

What you need

2-3 Fast acting Injectables, they are paramount as you will be blast for 5-6 weeks and you want them to kick in as fast as possible.
Test Prop
Tren Ace
Mast Prop

Are all good choices of shorter acting injectable to add to your cycle.

1-2 Orals to gain quick size and create a higher anabolic environment.
Super Drol
Var ( at high doses 100mg )
And so on.

Sample Cycle :
1-6 Test Prop 75-100mg/ed
1-5 NPP 50-75mg/ed
1-6 Dbol 30mg/ed
1-6 Anadrol 50mg/ed

Week 7 Cruise for 6 weeks on 200-300mg test and repeat with another.

During the blasts make sure to use your AI’s more frequently, and dedicate those 5 weeks to pure commitment, and you will make some incredible gains in such a short period. That not only will stay with you, but keep you progressing along without hitting plateaus. This will also allow you to blast more frequently, and recover faster because of the short duration.

Your body is your temple, Experiment, Train, and Document, find what works, and stick to it. My findings and personal experience shows, that this above WORKS!

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