1. What is the delivery time?

We need up to 6 bussiness days to pick up your payment and prepare your order to be shipped out.


- the delivery time from Europe to the USA can take 11-14days.

- the delivery time of your USA Domestic order will be 2-5 days.

 (Most often the order processing and shipping time frames are shorter)

2.My order was shipped few days ago and it's tracking number still doesn't work at USPS.COM

USPS.COM tracking system can often delay or even malfunction your tracking number status.

   In such cases we're unable to clarify the status. Such orders arrive safely and on time anyways , so please just try to track your order at USPS.COM every other day.(Trackings get online sooner or later in most cases)

(If your order is delayed aprox. 30days , please read our shipping terms & conditions.)

3.Is a signature required for shipping?


Orders from this category : USA DOMESTIC  - SIGNATURE IS NOT REQUIRED

4.Where do we ship to...? And where do we ship from ?

Products from those categories : EURO-PHARMACIES,Human Growth Hormone (HGH), OTHER PRODUCTS, PRE MADE CYCLES are being shipped from EUROPE to ALL the countries WORLDWIDE.

Products from this category : USA DOMESTIC are being shipped ONLY WITHIN the USA

5.How to speed up shipment if order is split ?

In cases of large orders and multiple packages shipping - Provide us more than one address TO MAKE The Whole Shipping process CONSIDERABLY QUICKER.

Try letting us know about every package delivery ASAP ! - So the NEXT One is shipped RIGHT AWAY.

6.Where can I find my tracking number?

We're Always providing Your Order TRACKING NUMBER , by e-mail.
If you still didn't receive it , it means that the Order wasn't shipped yet - OR - Our e-mail with Your tracking number landed in Your SPAM Folder. (Always check Your SPAM Folder)

Your tracking number is also displayed at Your Customer Account.

To be up to date with your order and tracking NO. Situation - Just visit: Then check Your "order details"