1.How much loyalty points can i get for product ?

Every 10$ spent gives you 0.5$ worth of product

( we don't give points for discounted products )

2.How to change loyalty points into voucher ?

-You have to login to your account

- Go to: " My loyalty points "

- Your loyalty points Status have to be set to: "AVAILABLE"

- Click "Transform my points into a voucher of.. "

- Go to " My Vouchers " - Your new voucher will be there.

When  You are putting new (Next) order - Your VOUCHER will show up in the "Check Out" step.

3.When can i transform loyalty points into voucher ?

You can trade your Loyalty Points (Earned by ordering) for a Voucher , If your current Order has "Loyalty points are available from now " Status.

4.When can i use voucher ?

In checkout, min. total of order must be $200 without shipping